Private lessons and tutoring are available to anyone over 5 years of age interested in improving their general rhythmic development or studying drum set, hand drums, or other percussion instruments.  Lessons are individualized to meet each student’s personal learning style and desired goals. Lessons are available at either Zachary’s home or the student’s home. Depending on the student’s location, in-home lessons may include a small travel fee.  A strict 24-hour cancellation policy exists for all lessons and classes.

Music contributes to what many experts call “a rich sensory environment.” Early exposure to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colors, and sounds promotes the development of connective pathways in the brain. These connections are known to help kids excel in many facets of learning including reading and math. Simply listening to music may encourage these connections, but the greatest impact has been seen in children who actively participate in musical activities. Research has shown that kids regularly involved in music classes do better in reading and math when they start school.  They also play better with others, have higher self esteem and are better able to focus and control their motor functions.  Percussion requires the ability to keep a steady beat, listen to the music and  make coordinated movements. The skills taught to percussion students have been shown to enhance development in other areas such as reading, math, and language development. Music education has also been known to improve auditory development, attention span, abstract reasoning skills, and hand-eye coordination.


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